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Department Introduction

Because of the complexity of digital content industries, we have decided to set three development directions as the basis for the features and future plans of the department in order to achieve the goals of talent training and industry-academia cooperation. The three main directions are Digital Audio and Video Design, Design of Digital Games, and Digital Value-Added Design. To reach a new era of digital content, we expect it will be helpful to the development of the digital content industry in Taiwan, even further enhance our international competitiveness due to the professionals we have cultivated.

The Multimedia Department was established in 2004 and enrolled the first year students. The schooling system consists of three classes: one is all day school of four-year program, another is all day school of two-year program, the other is night school of two-year program. We passed the application of Master Program in 2012 " to merge the graduate school in digital content creative industry. The enrollment began in 2013, however; in order to cultivate effectively students and satisfy their educational demands, in 2016, the night school of two-year program stopped enrolling and the four-year program class was established due to the education system.
  • Educational Goals and Professional Development Direction of the Development

From 2003 to 2007, the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs promoted the "e-Learning Industry Promotion and Development Plan" (Phase 1). Our department was established under the trend of digital industries in 1993; therefore, we observed the overall professional development trend of the country to follow the development goals of universities. Moreover, in order to cooperate with the "Digital Industry Development Plan", we have decided to actively cultivate talents related to the digital content industry.

Since 2008, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has promoted the second five-year plan. The Digital Content Industry Promotion Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs was officially operated on September 29, 2009. The Executive Yuan had listed the development of the digital content industry as one of the key flagship projects of the cultural and creative industry in Six Emerging Industries ,and passed the "Digital Publishing Industry Development Strategy and Action Plan" in August 2009 to aim to boost Taiwan as a global e-publishing industry as well. Nowadays, the "Cultural and Creative Industry Development Plan-Digital Content Industry Flagship Project" has continued to expand the digital content industry including content, hardware, software and application services.